Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why The Kurds Rock

Nashville has the largest concentrations of Kurds outside northern Iraq. No lie. Look it up. While I know next to nothing about them I DO know that their bread product rocks. Naan is what Kurds eat every day.

I happened upon, by pure chance (and the fact that I thought that an Indian spice shop would be open at 7 in the morning, but that is another story), one of the biggest naan bakeries in Nashville. It is behind a Kurdish food store (that just so happens to be next to the Indian spice shop and does open at 7 am). The shop also carries some AWESOME smoked sardines...a recent obsession of mine.




I couldn't help myself.

On the left is extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, black pepper, and sardines. Moments after the pic was taken it was doused in Romano cheese.

On the right is a classic with a twist: crushed tomatoes, sardines, garlic and mozz.

The left dominated the right.

I found a new favorite snack.


  1. Will the munchkins eat it? That's what I gotta know. Maybe because both of ours have entered a (hopefully short) picky phase:)

  2. I think so. The sardines lose a lot of their fishiness. has the funk of tuna rather than sardine after it bakes.

  3. esa es una tortilla muy buena de seguro congrats