Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Jeremy Had For Dinner (AKA - What Happens To Jeremy When Left At Home Alone For Any Period Of Time)

Here is how it goes in my head:

I'm not hungry.

Who are you kidding, of course you are. You should eat something.

Yes, yes, but something small.

Of course!

Like an egg or two, just enough to keep the metabolism've got to study.

Agreed, lets get ready.

Hey look! Some potatoes on the counter.

Awesome, maybe a bit of hash browns.

Rad, but then there are those onions and garlic.

No problem, they can join the party.

Might as be all inclusive and add the eggs as well.

It would only be prudent.

Frittata it is.

You are the only one eating, might as well add the pimenton your lovely wife doesn't like.

Sure, and some cumin too.

Hey look! Sausage from the other day.

Heck, there is a tomato and some olives too.

Perfect, the acid will cut through the fat a bit.

So will some red wine.


How should I top it off.

Romano cheese sounds good.

It always sounds good.


Original plan - egg on a plate
Estimated time - 5 minutes

Finished plan - Uber-Frittata
Actual time - 40 minutes


Best part - I'll probably finish this entire thing given enough time.


  1. Ok, that IS awesome Jeremy! Enjoy!

  2. Happy you are blogging again. We miss you guys.

  3. @Steph - We'll see if I keep it up for any amount of time. School is almost through though and I am finding some hidden places in Nashville (like a supposedly amazing soup you buy at the back of a Mexican discount tobacco joke) so things might get rolling. Plus there is the July pig roast. Totally going to happen.