Thursday, December 3, 2009

Study Food

This post goes out to my homeboy Jamie. Our bromance continues long distance. The only difficulties are not being able to drink the worlds best beers together on a bi-weekly basis...and our long walks on the beach.

I hate school. I'm just not self disciplined enough to apply myself to things I care so little about I could cry.

That is why I need study aides. In particular my wife's amazing fruitcake and a bottle of Bells Kalamazoo Stout. Both are world class.

We don't get Bells here in Tennessee. It is one of the saddest facts about working in the beer industry here (the others are that we dont have Deschutes, Russian River, New Glarious, and a host of other breweries...yet). Caleb, a beer junkie and good friend, gave me one the other day. It lasted all of about a week before the desire to drink it overwhelmed me.

I'd share the recipe for the fruitcake, but it is my grandma's recipe and I am under pain of death to keep it a secret. Marge was married to me for years before she even got a peak at it. No joke.

So really this post is just about me sharing a moment of savor. Enjoy.


  1. No Deschutes?! It's like you are in France or something. At least you don't have to drink Victoria or Tona. No bueno. So when you gonna come up and try the Lucky Lab's Holiday Scottish? ...what a heart wrenching post.