Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Most Meaningful Foods

Do you have a certain dish that holds so much meaning yet makes little meaningful sense? We often think that the most elaborate of meals will stick in our memory for some time...and the often do, but it is peculiar that we all seem to have inconspicuous foods in our past that mean a lot to us.

One of these kinds of foods for me is French bread pizza. My best friend Brian and I made these things while in high school with such regularity and devotion that it became like a cult food. We both had very little sense of good taste and could hardly find our way around the kitchen, but when it came to French bread pizza we ruled the world. Our process never varied. Indeed, it got more precise in a religious-like manner as time went on. While most of the details are lost on me now, I remember how seriously we took the task. The ingredients were cheap, the talent was non-existent, but there was a serious amount of love in those bad boys.

Perhaps the best part of the French bread pizza saga is the reason we would embark upon this quest almost daily. It was...and I am not even order to give us something to do while watching that cinematic classic "The Wedding Singer." I am still not quite sure why this movie became quite so popular with us. Drew Barrymore was hot for sure, and Adam Sandler was the funniest guy around, but we did not remember much of the 80’s, had no affinity for singing at weddings, and enjoyed a plethora of other movies. It will forever remain a mystery.

Remembering those illustrious days of high school with Brian I made French bread pizza again. The ingredients were finer, the execution better performed, and the taste I am sure was highly superior, but I didn’t have Brian to eat it with and…worse yet…didn’t have “The Wedding Singer” to watch.

All in all it was great.

Brian, come over and we’ll do it again…but this time we’ll make the thing from scratch…and drink beer…legally.

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