Sunday, August 2, 2009

Got Ramen?

Most of you that have spent any kind of time at our house have probably had tonight's dinner.

Kids were antsy,Marj was gone, and nobody was coming over. No need to do something on the list of 12,875,917 food concepts I have running through my mind. Time to turn to an old standby.

I don't do many dishes repeatedly. There are just to many things to try. Even if I do a dish a second time I'll almost always change it in some way. This is one reason I don't think I would be good in a professional kitchen.

There are a small handful of things that I'll probably do till the day I die. This is one of them.

Tonight we did a kind of pan fried top ramen (appealing title I know).

- Ramen gets cooked al dente and drained.
- Sesame oil to hot pan.
- Add onions, garlic and ginger.
- Remove after a minute or two and replace with drained ramen.
- Turn heat to medium low.
- Add soy, fish sauce, and sweet hot chili sauce to taste.
- Add one egg per pack of ramen and toss well to coat.
- Throw the veggies back in.
- Add toasted sesame seeds.
- Plate.
- Add Thai basil and garlic chives.

This dish takes 10 minutes at the outside. It is so classy that it gets paired with a Mikes Hard Lime...nothing classier than that. A nice wit beer or sweet Riesling would go well with it too.

This is true fast food. The best part about it is how many people hear about it and become something beyond skeptical (you know who you are) only to go back for seconds...or thirds.

Jake pounds this stuff.

Be sure to note the flecks of flying noodle that have speckled this champions forearms and chest.

This kid is a beast.


  1. I LOVE this stuff! You fixed it a couple of times when I was visiting you in Nicaragua. I came home and told Brenda about it... and she was rightfully skeptical. I couldn't quite explain to her what it was beyond, "Ramen noodles that aren't made like Ramen noodles." :)

  2. Jeremy, how can I get regular postings for this blog? I love the advice!! Lenora Ayers

  3. You can become a follower...or just check every few days!