Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garlic From Our Garden

As I have established in previous posts garlic is awesome. But there is much I have not shared about this wonderful little plant.

Most of us only know soft neck garlic. This is the white stuff we find in almost every store. This is good stuff, I don't want to knock it. There is something to be said for diversity however and that is where hard neck garlic come in. There are many different types and you don't really care so I wont bore you. All you need to know is that we just harvested our crop of purple stripe hard neck this week.

Here are a few pictures of the harvest and drying:

We planed this stuff last September. I was sure it was going to come to nothing, but was heartened when I saw the first shoots coming up. Now it is huge and the bulbs grew well.

These things are really big. Jake is a good prop. As you can tell, he's nearly as stoked as his dad to have something so cool come out of his garden.

Some parents have their kids model for Gap.

My kid models vegetables from the backyard.

Who is laughing now?

This is my highly customized drying rack. On the left we have my mash tun for extracting the sugars from grains in beer making and on the right is a brew kettle. The rack itself is a space age material called "screen" that I got from my living room window.

'Meeks....We're High Tech.'

This is the garlic as of tonight. This stuff will keep for less time than the silverskin you usually find at the store, but those of you that have eaten here (some on a regular basis) know that ten heads of garlic don't stand a two week chance.

Now the only dilemma is how best to celebrate such a harvest. I am suffering from a deluge of options, but I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions.

What is your favorite way to enjoy garlic? Let me know.

I don't care how labor intensive or insane it is. I am thinking about a few dessert options, so you know how crazy I am.


  1. Roast in oven and spread on bread. yummmmmm...

  2. Good call. That is a classic that never gets old.

  3. Lots of it in a great Alfredo sauce over homemade pasta or in an Olive Oil/Butter/Herb concoction over homemade pasta or just roasted and squeezed directly into your mouth.....or just about anything that involves vegetables.....I can't stop!