Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Of The Season

Now, I know some of you people have been eating fresh tomatoes from your garden or the garden of someone else for a while now (read: all three readers in Tennessee), but we here in the frozen northland are only getting into the season. This week we had our first tomato harvest. The above picture was our total take. Alexis and I killed it in one bite a piece.

It was super tart, but the sweet goodness of things to very promptly come...and in our case overwhelm...was evident. It was a great few seconds of eating and looking at each other knowing exactly what the other was thinking. Yes, my daughter is only 4, but she knows produce and she especially knows a good tomato.

When we were done with our paltry, but pleasing snack we talked for a while about how cool it is going to be in a few weeks when we have dozens of tomatoes ready to eat every day.

Quite possibly the only was to make gardening better is doing it with your kids.


  1. Oh, how I wish I knew the surpassing delights of tomato consumption of which you speak...but alas, I have been robbed in this life of such sensory perceptions. Perhaps in heaven.

  2. That is because your not liking tomatoes is part of your sin nature...perhaps in the new heavens and new earth can only hope your perfect sanctification goes so far.