Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bite Me Frito Lay

Here is something:

Potato Chip Pasta.

Think about it.

How rad is that?

'No way' you say?

Yes way.

Yes way indeed.

I should mention a the outset that I claim absolutely almost no credit for this meal. H. Alexander Talbot from Ideas In Food (check it out) receives most of the props for this one. I would also like to thank my children from the outset as they were left home with their mostly crazy father who likes nothing more than experimenting while their mom is working.

Here is the basic recipe for the dough

400g flour
100g dark roasted potato flakes (20 min @ 350, ground to flour)
300g whole egg
75g egg yolk
8g salt

(Credit: Ideas In Food)

Here is a photo essay of tonight's work in the kitchen.

Here are the potatoes, nothing special. You will need a scale for this recipe, but get serious, you need one anyways. You'll find yourself using it all the time. It gets to be an obsession.

The flakes spread thin on a baking sheet. These are going to get dark, but don't get scared, they wont burn.

While the flakes are toasting I measured the eggs. This is what 300g of whole egg and 75 g of yolk look like. Cool huh?!

Toasted and ready to be pulverized.


Work the dry ingredients together and whisk the eggs. Then add the eggs to the dry ingredients. Stir the eggs with your fingers, incorporating the flour bit by bit. When it is absorbed knead the dough. It should look like the above. Not wet at all...almost crumbly, but not.

Vacuum sealing the dough is new to me, but it is genius in action. The theory is that it hastens absorption of the flour. Plus, you get to use a vacuum cool is that? I love this thing. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes. I let mine go for an hour.

This might be my favorite photo of the day. This is how I put a meal together most of the time. This is the back of a receipt from a held library book that I had lying around. My thought process for this dish was something like this:

- My dough will taste like a potato chip/french fries.
- What goes with a potato chip and what do I have within 50 feet of my house? (having kids to take care of can be some amazing inspiration)
- Chicken schmaltz is available and would be rad. (Pasta that tastes like fried chicken and potatoes? yes please)
- Best thing with potato chips is french onion dip.
- Sour cream, chives and caramelized onions are all close.
- Tim's Cascade Chips has some amazing pepper jack chips.
- I'll go with black pepper and some Romano cheese...not the same at all, but would make for one heck of a chip and works well with the other players.

Here are the players for the ravioli filling. I decided to do this pasta two ways. Fried ravioli and regular spaghetti. Results to follow.

This is my pasta work station for those who are interested. It is a piece of laminated press board used for shelving. Works like a beloved charm for pasta making.

This is only one half of the pasta. It makes almost two pounds. I might add that it rolled out like butter. The vacuum sealer was a dream.

Here are the handmade ravioli. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the making.

This is schmaltz...i.e. the stuff left at the bottom of a cast iron skillet after I get done roasting a chicken. That is fat on top and juices below. Simply amazing stuff. Try getting this kind of goodness out of a roasted Tofurkey. When it heats up the house smells like a roast chicken. Tastes like it too.

Here is the spaghetti after being cooked (60 seconds is all it takes with the fresh stuff). The sauce was the schmaltz, the sour cream, and the caramelized onions at this point. All it needed was a quick toss for a few minutes and it was good to go.

I realize that I don't have any pics of the ravioli. Too much going on. The ravioli were done in a bit of butter that had garlic infused into it. I had them over medium heat till browned. My Paulaner Hefeweizen clone was chosen to accompany the meal...good choice.

How did it taste? Incredible.

The spaghetti had the hint of both roast chicken and the sour cream and onion goodness. The ravioli stole the show in my opinion however. The mix was more concentrated and gave the feeling of the best sour cream, onion, and chive potato chip like thing you could imagine. Definitely one I'll be busting out again. I also plan to do something with barbecue chicken wings and blue cheese flavors. Jamie and Steph...this Monday I'll be in P-town...we might have to try this. No?

As for my kids? They loved it:

Ultimate win.

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