Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beef...It Was For Dinner

There are times in this life when words are superfluous. This seems to be one of those times.

London broil.

Mesquite smoked to 100F.

Grilled over direct heat to 135F (med-rare).

Sides: French bread, Zucchini and baby green beans lightly sauteed in bacon fat and pimentón.

P.S. - I should also mention that it made an insane sandwich with Marjorie's toasted bread, dijon, tomato and onion.


  1. Copycat! I just cooked London broil in a tasty red wine, butter and chile sauce. Pan-blackened, even if my wife thinks that's just a fancy term for "burnt."

  2. Ha! "Pan-blackened" I'll have to use that on a menu one day.

  3. If you cook meat "pan-blackened" in anyone of six southern states you can locked up for nearly three years.

    Or something like that..