Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two New Brews

Today a few more beers make their way towards my cellar (read: closet).

On the left is a Saison I've named "I'm Mostly Belgian Myself." This prestigious title is due to the fact that I took a Belgian Saison recipe and messed with it a bit. Made my own candi sugar and used a yeast strain that is a bit different. It is all Belgian, just not all the "right" stuff.

On the right is my version of Black Butte Porter. I have conveniently titled it Mack Suit Porter because...well...I wanted to rhyme at the time. Shoot, there was another rhyme right there. They say you should never mess with a good thing. I usually ignore "they". Home brewing is supposed to be part art and part mad science. This one is a bit different than last time in that I used a different porter yeast, it has a bit more alcohol than last time, and I'll be aging it with twice the amount of Jack Daniels and oak. Just goes to show that I am a real American...bigger is better.

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