Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roast Chicken Heaven

There is something amazing about roast chicken. Skeptical? Thomas Keller, one of the most well respected chefs in the world, gives his recipe for his preferred way of cooking the delectable bird at the very beginning of his amazing book 'Bouchon'. This book includes stuff such as 'Foie Poele Aux Oignons Et Figues Aux Epices' (Liver and Onions with Figs) and other wild and pretty incredible dishes, but the roast chicken comes first.

I am a big fan of simplicity in the kitchen. Eating something that can only be described as "spicy" or "sour" is bad mojo. If you can't tell what is in the dish it probably has to much. I could tease this theme out to all of life, but this is a food blog and not my soapbox for'll have to come over and eat for that.

This chicken will actually be used principally for a taco filling I am making tomorrow, but for now it is late and I have salted and peppered chicken skins along with a great and strong hefeweisen to keep me company.

Here is the process quick and dirty:

- Heat oven to 450.

- Clean chicken with cold water inside and out.

- Dry chicken inside and out

- Liberally salt and pepper chicken inside and out.

- Truss chicken. (Check youtube if you don't know how)

- Place in roasting pan or cast iron skillet.

- Place in oven for 40-50 minutes.

- When inside reads 155 on meat thermometer remove.

- Let rest for 15 minutes.

- Chow down.

Roasting at its easiest...and probably its best.


  1. Where do you buy butcher's string for trussing the chicken? I couldn't find it at Fred Meyer. Would just a cotton string work?

  2. Yep, cotton string is what I use most of the time. Go to the hardware aisle and you can get 500 feet of the stuff for next to nothing...I use it for a ton of stuff in the kitchen and in the garden as well.

    Thanks for pointing that out.