Friday, May 29, 2009


The other day saw another session of turning mediocre pork into something transcendent. How rare for this household.

Here is a short series of photos depicting a great use of an afternoon:

Besides being an interesting photo, this shows the chorizo getting ready to be ground into a dirty bowl that previously held sweet Italian sausage. My point is that you don't always have to worry about keeping all these things separate and super clean. Make some room in the fridge to store everything when it is not in immediate use and you will be good. We get way to crazy about keeping things in order in the kitchen. Get over it. Seriously.

Before wrapping everything up it is essential to try the product. This is the garlic and wine sausage. Mysteriously my children were more than willing to volunteer for tasting duty. In the background is the book you should all steal from your local library...Charcuterie.

This is the portioning part. You've got to work quick to keep the fats from emulsifying (cool word, huh?). I made 4 oz. portions this time as I have run into many situations when I don't want a half pound (my usual division). A scale is essential here...and for many other things in the kitchen. Just go buy one and you will be happy.

All in all I made 5 1/2 lbs of sausage. 2 of both the chorizo and sweet itialian and one and a half of the garlic and wine sausage. This should last us for a while. We don't eat sausage as a snack food (generally), but rather use it like a stellar demi-glace, i.e. it serves as an essential ingredient to make a dish pop.

Here is the trusty grinder at the end of another day of doing its duty to perfection. All in all it took about three hours to make all this, but I was in no kind of rush.

Come over and get some before it is gone.

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