Saturday, May 9, 2009


Recently our good friend Ara came to visit from California. While he was here pretty much all we did was eat, drink, and make beer. He and Jeremy made a Duvel clone and a Ported Russian Imperial Stout. What is Ported Russian Imperial Stout? Well, back in January, Jeremy and I made port. When we moved the port over to the secondary stage of fermentation Jeremy saved all the yeast and sludge that was at the bottom of the primary fermentator. Then when he made the Russian Imperial Stout he poured all that port goodness into the secondary and fermented it a second time. Bottom line is - I tried this stuff when it was warm and un-carbonated and you can tell it will be awesome!
SO - here is our current "beer cellar" It's a little bit ridiculous but it's always fun to have a little beer tasting with dinner when we have friends over.
On the far left we have the remnants of beers past, some smoked scotch ale, cranberry celis, meet joe buck, oaked mack suit porter, golden gem and 3 generations of chocolate espresso stout. There are just a few of each and it is sad to say good bye to them :(
The next group is called gris meets gold, its an improvement on the 4 fold gold beer because Jeremy added some wood chips that were soaked in pinot grigio to add depth of flavor.
The next line of beers is call Wee Awesome. Its a wee stout.. and its awesome.
The next line is the Duvel clone that Jeremy and Ara made. We bottled it Sunday night so we have to wait a bit to try that one.
And last we have the Miss P.R.I.S.
That one bottle all the way to the right is the Russian Imperial Stout without any of the port wine in it.
Ara, you've gotta come back to help drink all this!

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