Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Real Salad

I'll freely admit to be one of those young white American middle class males taken with Thoreau's idealism when it comes to man and nature. Something about taking nothing but an ax and your will into the forest to make a life for yourself just sounds cool and adventurous.

Growing your own food and eating it minutes after being picked is cool too. It's not much for adventure, but that is what I have kids for.

Here is the progression of my first real salad from our garden. Five kinds of greens, French radish, Fuji apple, touch of salt, dab of pepper, olive oil and some balsamic was all that adorned the plate. It was perfect. Ok, not perfect. I had no Parmigiano-Reggiano...that would have been perfect.

I'll settle for stellar.

The beer is the new delectable clone I made of the classic Belgian golden strong ale Duvel. If your name has anything to do with J. Nizzy (you know who you are) you will be getting a taste soon.

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