Sunday, March 1, 2009

Die Winter, Die!

I'm done with winter. I'll be honest, I was done with winter in September. Nicaragua ruined me.

"But Jeremy, don't you think the snow is so makes everything so peaceful."

In a Its cold and wet and depressing.

Thankfully we are almost at planting time. My garden is a very special place for me. There are many reasons for this:

1. Let's be serious, there is nothing more manly than growing your own food. Jack Bauer doesn't have anything on me.

2. Gardening is some of the best time for meditation and prayer that I have in life.

3. I can grow things that I would never buy, mainly because I'd have to take out a loan to do so. (I'm talking about cherry tomatoes, microgreens, shallots, etc.)

4. Eating a salad that is pesticide, herbicide, other-crazy-mutant-toxin-cide free is a good feeling.

Being that we live in the frozen northland we have to get things going indoors. I thought I'd give a little photo tour of the Meeks family micro-farm.

Here is my trusty assistant and the cornucopia of seeds. Not everything got started this week. Some stuff will have to wait a few weeks or it will get to big before its time to plant it out. Planning this stuff out is like Christmas for me.

Just a couple days in and this is what we had. This is purple kohlrabi. Behind it you can see the tomatoes start to go off. It still amazes me that food comes from these tiny seeds that are sometimes the size of a piece of dandruff (sorry, first example that came to mind).

This is our not so sophisticated, but all together awesome grow setup. Yes, that is tin foil. Yes, it works like a charm.

I wanted to check the viability of the wheat we have as well as the quinoa. Both were bought in bulk and not specifically for seed. As the photo shows, both are good to be planted. Awesome. The wheat will hopefully be turned into a homebrew...along with the hops that I am growing this year. Party on.

Not only do we have a range of greenness going on inside, but outside as well. This is garlic that has begun to grow this year. I planted this in September and it appears to have overwintered beautifully. Garlic is one of those things that anyone can grow and gives back big time.

This next week will be somewhat of a fury of activity. Our beds will get prepared and lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, and collards will all get planted. Spring here we come.

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