Friday, March 20, 2009


We eat pretty healthy. Don't think that my preoccupation with using natural fats is a bad thing. I'll put my rendered pancetta fat up against that nastiness you dig out of a tub ANY day. Plus...mine tastes better. That being the case, we have decided that when we eat unhealthy we are going to go all out. It makes it worth it.

I was going to do a long drawn out explanation of what we did, and if you want to know what we did let me know, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Night one:

Fresh ground roast with 20% pork fat added. Sauteed onions. Tillamook cheddar. Fresh wheat buns. Homemade onion rings.

See what I am saying...words only get in the way.

Night two:

Same hamburger (double patty...go big or go home). More sauteed onions, Tillamook chedder. Homemade wheat bun. Topped with pancetta.


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