Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wee Heavy - Update

The wee heavy got transferred today:

As soon as it was moved I added one cup of Bushmill's Irish Whiskey and two ounces of American untoasted Oak...ahh, yeah! I'm figuring the oak profile will peak in about 7 days, we'll see how close I get.

Stephen, you'll be the first to taste this one! It will be young, but it will be good. To the rest of you...good luck. Come over and maybe I'll crack one of these, but wait a bit, this stuff will be prime in about 5 months. I've really got to remember that drinking 10% oaked heavy Scotch Ale is not the best thing in summer time. That's ok, I've got some more batches in the works, such as the strong golden ale that I'll be bottling sometime this week (as soon as the oak flavor profile is perfect). If I'm lucky...and incredibly self-controled...I might have a few of these bottles left over for this time next year. This stuff is PERFECT wintertime goodness. Again, a win for Stephen.

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