Thursday, January 8, 2009

Late Night Inspiration

I don't sleep much. I sleep when I feel the need to, it just doesn't come on very often. I also love to eat. This sounds like the beginnings of the next obesity special on 20/20 I know, but stick with me.

I try not to eat the stuff we all crave at 1 AM (for those of you who hit the sack at 9 PM on a regular basis these cravings are kind of like Gremlins...i.e. never good). Just a few minutes ago I decided to head to my kitchen to see if I could whip up something in less than ten minutes with what I had on hand. I'll start off by saying that my kitchen is probably not much better stocked than yours.

Soup was an immediate idea. I have stock (subject of not to future post), its quick and healthy, and its ridiculously cold here. I'd like to just lead you down my stream of consciousness to give you feel of how this went together.

Stock was a given.

One cup in the sauce pan.

Veggies on hand? Red cabbage. yep. Potatoes. yes, but they take to long. Onions. Of course, but you should probably use the onions confit that are getting near old. No problem.

Onions confit = Italian...I need pancetta. No, wait, healthy and quick. No Italian, no pancetta.


Asian then! The onions make it fusion. I'm so hip.

Well, in that case, ginger for sure (keep in in the freezer by the way, keeps forever). Raw garlic, its going to carry a wallop of a bite. Sesame seeds for texture and flavor (texture is HUGE...but that is for another post).

Stock is simmering. Add all veggies.

Taste. ALWAYS taste. Taste often. Adjust.

Salt is good, acid is alright. Needs something. Ahh, fish sauce (one of my secret weapons, I bust it out all the time).


Cilantro to finish.


It really is that easy. Try it.

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