Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cran Celis (Celis White ripoff)

6 lb. Wheat Malt Extract
1 lb. Belgain candi sugar (clear
1 lb. Oat flakes
1 oz. Crushed coriander
1 oz. sweet orange peel
1 oz. Crystal hops (60 min)
Wyeast 3944
4 oz. Crasin, (packed ¼ cup) chopped (5 min)
4 oz. Crasin, chopped and glazed in honey

Put oat flakes into a grain bag. Add 1 gal. of water and bring temperature to 155° F. Turn
off heat and let oats steep for 30 min. Remove bag and drain completely. Stir in malt
extract and candi sugar. Add enough water to bring to 2 gal. Bring to a boil. Total boil is
60 min. Add hops and boil for 50 min. Add orange peel and coriander. Boil 10 min. more. Turn off heat. Steep for 10 min., remove hops, cool, and transfer to fermenter. Add 3 gal. cold water. Pitch yeast at 75° F.

Add glazed crasins to secondary.

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