Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Chip Redefined

I have to give full credit where it is due. This recipe is almost a complete rip off of My good friend Stephanie's sister, Kristin.

So here is to you, awesome-free-spirited-wild-lands-firefighter-chick! We salute you.

Here is the finished product:

(Presentation inspiration: Alinea restaurant)

Oven baked sweet potato chips with blue cheese and Sriracha sauce

- A few sweet potatoes
- Olive Oil
- Kosher Salt
- Blue Cheese dressing (yes, i was pressed for time and cheated)
- Sriracha hot sauce

Preheat oven to 400f.

Get a few sweet potatoes and cut them into roughly 1/8" slices. Once again, the mandolin comes in here.

Toss them in a bowl with a few tablespoons of oil and a generous amount of salt (like you would salt your fries.) Spread them on a cookie sheet and toss them in the oven.

Because of the high moisture content these guys take about a half hour, but don't worry, they are totally worth it.

Check them every 8 minutes or so and flip when they are to desired doneness. Remember that the other side wont take near as long.

Take them out when they are done and leave the room for a few minutes. If you don't you will promptly burn the inside of your mouth to pieces.

The sauce is as easy as pie. Mix as much Sriracha as you dare into a good blue cheese dressing (don't even think about the low fat stuff) and get to eating.

What you end up with in this snack from above is all you could ever ask for. Salty, savory, sweet and spicy are all here.

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